Qt-based library for controlling FRC robots
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CBatteryVoltageHolds a battery voltage bytes and resultant float
 CCRC32Computes the CRC32 data checksum of a data stream
 CDriverStationExposes the functionality of the LibDS to the application
 CDSDefines the data types shared between the modules of the LibDS
 CJoystickRepresents a joystick and its respective properties
 CDS_BaseDefines the base signals of the DriverStation and DS_Config classes
 CDS_ConfigUpdates the variables shared across the LibDS classes
 CFRC_2014Implements the FRC 2009-2010 communication protocol
 CFRC_2015Implements the FRC 2015-2019 communication protocol
 CFRC_2016Same as FRC_2015, but with different robot address
 CLoggerCreates and reads files with robot events and application logs
 CLookupPerforms host lookups to obtain socket-usable IP addresses
 CNetConsoleReceives and sends broadcasted messages through the LAN
 CProtocolBase class for implementing communication protocols
 CSocketsSends and receives data from the FMS, radio and robot targets
 CWatchdogImplements a simple watchdog used to reset comms. when needed