Qt-based library for controlling FRC robots

The DriverStation library allows you to connect and manage a robot easily by providing an abstraction layer between an application and the network comununications between the robot and the host computer.

The library is written in C++ and the Qt framework, allowing it to be used in many platforms, including (but not limited to) Windows, Linux/UNIX distros, Mac OS X, Android and iOS.

Project sections

This library consists of three basic sections:

Core section

The core section is in charge of implementing all the support system of the library. In this section you will find:

Protocols section

This section contains the different protocols used for communicating with any FRC robot.

This section includes:

Driver Station section

This section provides client access to the library, while preserving all the features for safe robot operation. Think of this section as the 'public' side of the library, while the rest can be considered as the 'internal' side.


This project is licensed under the MIT license.