The open-source, cross-platform FRC Driver Station

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What is the QDriverStation?

The QDriverStation is a free and open-source alternative to the FRC Driver Station. It runs on the major operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux) and allows teams to operate 2010-2014 robots and 2015-2016 robots. The QDriverStation is designed in a modular approach, it uses the LibDS to handle networking operations and QJoysticks to handle joystick input.

What about the mobile version?

We've got you covered, you can find the latest Android APKs here! We may upload our application in the Windows Store soon. iOS users: we are in the process of obtaining an Apple Developer License, we'll keep you updated through ChiefDelphi and Reddit. You can also download the QDriverStation from the Play Store:

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Can I use the QDriverStation in an official competition?

TLDR; No. The FTA would not allow it.

The QDriverStation is meant to help teams to use the robots in non-offical events, such as a presentation or code testing. Even if the QDriverStation is able to communicate with FMS, FIRST does not allow teams to use third-party Driver Stations in the field to ensure optimal safety for everyone.

What safety precautions should I take while using the QDriverStation?

TLDR; Check the joystick mappings!

The QDriverStation may map the joysticks differently than the FRC Driver Station, namely because we use SDL instead of XInput. You should check the joysticks tab before enabling the robot. If you are not sure, use the virtual joystick before attempting to enable the robot with a real joystick. Another option would be to limit the robot's area of movement while experimenting with the QDriverStation.

What about emergency stop?

The keyboard shortcuts work the same as in the official FRC Driver Station. Just press SPACE to e-stop the robot.

NOTE: The QDriverStation window needs to be focused in order to e-stop the robot.


Developer documentation for the QDriverStation and its sub-projects can be found here, have a nice reading!

More questions?

Contact me for any doubts/questions that you may have.